When it comes time to select your future job, more often than not you’re going to start with the topics you like, the activities you enjoy, and try to find a job profile that matches that. For many, fashion is their life, and they love everything around the fashion industry.

Fashion Merchandising Can Be A Great Field

As such, fashion merchandising can be a great field to work in. But what exactly do you do there, and what does it require? Also, what kind of salary can you get in fashion merchandising? A fashion merchandiser, also referred to as an apparel merchandiser or buyer, is someone who’s on the business side of fashion.

They study the market, check trends, know the production costs, and are able to decide what products should be made for next season, and by how many units. They are the ones who drive a fashion company towards success, or failure, financial wise.

Fashion Merchandising Salary Is Substantial


While the great designers create the actual designs that go into the products, the merchandisers are the professionals who know the market, and know what will sell, and by how many units. As such, this job requires more than an eye for fashion, but also very good business knowledge, and an ability to stay on top of the market. This can be quite hard, because the fashion industry moves at an incredible speed, which means you always need to relearn the themes and patterns that show up on the street. Networking is also crucial, in the sense that you constantly need to communicate with industry professionals, designers, production managers, and experts in various fields, to get the best sense you can as to where the market is going.


It used to be that the people in these positions would get generic business degrees, but now many fashion schools have programs that cover this, and you can get a degree within 2 to 3 years. There’s also those who decide to go for further studies, like a Master in Economics, although that’s not required to start off. The job outlook is quite good, since fashion is always in demand, but competition can be quite harsh. Only the ones with the best eye for design, fashion, color and taste make it through, along with a good business sense, since this job requires both.


Salary can be quite interesting for this demanding position however, with a starting salary around $32,000, and people who excel at this job can each over $100,000 quickly, if they prove that they can bring in the sales and profits. Like any other business, fashion is about the money, and having fashion sense is not good enough to be a merchandiser, you also need the charisma and good business sense. If you need any kind of business services for your fashion merchandiser business specially payroll outsourcing or else you can take a look on this page: http://payrollserviceaustralia.com.au/payrolloutsourcing/

If that’s the type of job that appeals to you, then you can join one of the many potential applicants at a fashion school near you. Chances are you’ll need to be quite competitive to succeed, but those who do, manage to bring in a nice salary and quite often substantial benefits.

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