Your Vet assistant salary in the United States will run from a low of just over $17,000 and an average high of just under $38,000. There are however things you can do to increase your earnings potential rather dramatically.  We will discuss the tips on how you can boost your earnings below and we truly think you will find that worth a couple of minutes of reading to potentially boost your income for many years or even the rest of your life.

There may be a certificate of accreditation needed in some states while in others there will be nothing more than a high school diploma or its equivalent required. Please be sure to check with your states veterinary association and or boards to see what qualifications are required in the state you wish to practice.

Average Vet Assistant Salary

With an average Vet Assistant Salary in the United states of right at just a tad over $27,000 per annum how can you get that up there to the top 10 percent of your field?

It is possible to get your Vet Assistant Salary up over $40,000 per year but in order to do that you will need to think outside the box just a bit. There are two basic methods that we will now outline below.

Firstly you may need to think about the possibility of searching for a geographical pay raise. This is to say that many states are on the low end of the pay scale for all types of veterinary salaries and other states are of course on the high end. You would want look for states that meet the majority of your criteria.

Some of the states with the highest veterinary salaries overall are: New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, California and South Carolina.

Vet assistant salary In United State

What you would want to do is match up as much of your quality of life needs with one of these top states or at least look to the top 20 states and see which ones best suite your needs. Sure it may be nice to get the overall highest pay but maybe New Jersey winters are just not your thing. Or you are just not a west coast type of person so California might not be among your top choices. But by thinking geographically you can really increase your Veterinary Assistant Salary pay by as much as 50 to in some few cases 100%.

Next think about the possibility of adding a specialty. Adding a specialty certificate such as Veterinary Anesthetist or something similar can really boost not only your income but your demand.

Think of it this way. What do you think a large Veterinary clinic would like to do more, hire you for one larger salary or hire 2 or 3 people to do your job with 3 salaries being 1 1/2 times your total? On top of that they have 3 health insurance premiums, 3 taxes to figure, 3 payrolls to do instead of just one for you.If you need any payroll services informaiton you can get online. If you can get (which yes you can) an extra certificate that makes you invaluable then you make yourself an indispensable hot commodity that they want and can’t afford to loose.

There are lots of veterinary schools looking for applicants and once out of veterinary school you should not have a problem getting the best veterinary salary if you follow our tips. We wish you all the best!

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